Beauty starts from within. We are what we eat, so another aspect of caring for the whole person is in helping with healthy eating so as to lose weight, look younger, feel better, and be healthier overall. To this effect, we run weight management programmes and provide health coaching to individuals and coorperate clients.

Life and Health Coach I serve you as a coach. As a life coach, I help you see a better future for you, we co-create that better future, but with a clear understanding of where you are now, and what is needed to move you from point A to point B. Point A is where you are now and point B is where you desire to be - your goals, aspirations, your dream job, your dream relationship, business success, your weight loss goals, and anything else you desire. Great coaches have sets of tools and skills that are guaranteed to move you forward, no matter your present circumstance. So, if you are feeling overwhelmed, confused, discouraged, want to move forward but do not know which direction to go or how to get started, you need a coach. Even if you have a diagnosable mental/medical condition, you can still get coaching to move other aspects of your life forward while seeing a doctor, a therapist, or a psychiatrist. I help you take power back.

Sometimes all you need in life is someone who believes in you, someone who does not think you are crazy for wanting to be successful, for wanting to be more, someone who believes that your dream is possible. I can be that person for you. Send me a message or respond to my message to get started.

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We have a multi-pronged approach that is guaranteed to produce results